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23.10.2020 By Dourg

Hello everyone! Wanted to open up a forum to discuss your favorite and least-favorite call recording solutions that you use with your CUCM environments. I've installed Enghouse QMS in a few places with "okay" results.

It seems to work better when it's used with call-forking rather than by using a SPAN. The only option was full-time recording or the users would have to login to the web GUI to initiate the recording - which would be ridiculous to ask someone to do. For them not to know that this would work is bizarre to me. Anyhow, let's talk about your favorite solutions and their pros and cons. They seem to be the most popular solution, and I believe have been recently bought by Cisco. These products seem to be aimed at recording call center environments.

My clients are primarily K12 and just need simple on demand call recording, say if someone calls the main office and says something nasty. And with plans to have Screen Recording with MediaSense 12 it would be complete solution in my opinion. Or you can just do MediaSense only and buy interface from some other company, but that that depands on the features you need.

I know its been awhile on this post but was curious if anyone was aware of the replacement for Media Sense?

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For on-demand recording, you can use the Cisco Unity Connection live recording which I believe would satisfy your requirement. I have use CallReplay. It is simple to setup and integrate. The only problem I had was the support due to big gap in timezone. Also, is there a way and what is the best way for recording in a secure voice solution srtp, tls?

Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization Call Recording 11.0(1)

There are many options for Call Recording. We are interested in a solution where it is possible to record both internal and external calls so recording only on gateway is not sufficientpreferably with SRTP All phones are newer SIP phones, cucm is You can visit our website www. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Kirill Klimakhin. Call Recording Solutions. Labels: Other IP Telephony. I have this problem too. Sean Vaidya. Have you heard of Calabrio? We have them and have not had many issues so I would highly recommend checking them out. These products seem to be.

Andrew West. Does any part of your install. Dennis Mink.We are looking at either Calabrio or Zoom to handle call recording.

Our needs are very small, with only needing to record for 5 users, voice only. I am looking for feedback on Zoom and Calabrio as a solution. I dont know that eitherif you arent looking to do anything complex, is substantially better than the other.

If you all you are looking to do is QM then both do that well. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Call Recording - Zoom or Calabrio? Labels: Other Collaboration Topics. Everyone's tags 1.

Tags: call recording. I have this problem too. Jonathan Schulenberg. VIP Mentor. Re: Call Recording - Zoom or Calabrio?

It is not a sealed appliance as CUCM is. Calabrio runs on Windows, though I do not necessarily believe that to be an advantage. Just a distinction worth knowing going in.

Cisco Calabrio “Unable to load Energy Data”

I would be surprised if you manage to find a product limitation in one vs. Andrew West. Latest Contents. Created by kathyMill on AM.

We are always looking for new topics to cover in our training to improve customer learning. Here are some of the changes that you will surely want to explore.Question in regards to AQM licensing. We are currently at our threshold of and we reached out to our re-seller for and purchased 70 additional licenses for AQM. We received the PAK from our re-seller and I have been back in forth with TAC and Calabrio on helping get this new license file fulfilled and installed.

Does anyone have any prior experience with this? All CCX licenses are cumulative hence they will be added to whatever is there already. Chris, Thanks for you quick response. I dont know how they were initially purchased as I just started 2 weeks ago and never had any prior experience with AQM.

This all can be done during normal business hours correct? This wouldnt for any reason require a reboot of UCCX for the system to recognize the added licenses? Please note the same license file that had been attached to this post is the one that had been uploaded to my UCCX server.

Thanks for the response. I think I may need some clarification on how the licensing works. Below is my current count AQM seats and Maximum agents.

Configure Selective Recording for Calabrio and CISCO Workforce Optimization!

Are you saying I did not need to purchase more licenses all I needed to do is contact cisco licensing team and have them gen up a new license file to increase the AQM seats? Also when you just have agents seat license at the moment and maximum can go only uptillI am not sure why you are adding more AQM licenses. You already have a buffer of around seats but since you already have purchased the PAK so I beleive go ahead and upload it, may be you can use it in future.

Sorry for all the questions I just want to make sure I am understanding everything correctly. I understand that the max agents our system can support is and we are licensed for concurrent agents.

So are you saying we are buying licenses that in theory we do not need to purchase but already have? All we need to do is contact the licensing team at cisco to gen up a license file to increase our count?

Yes Jason, you already have ample amount of AQM seat license that can allow you to record all of your agents. You have AQM seats whreas your total number of agents is only If you have not purchased additional AQM seats yet and were in the process to do so then there is no need.

From my understanding is I can configure as many agents as I need but the max agents concurrently logged in would be permium seats. Thats the caveat I actually have agents configured in the system who all need to be recorded but only about are logged in at any given time.

I need an AQM license for each of my agents configured in the system.I have installed AQM I have run the Wireshark traces but can't find the packets reaching to the QM server.

The users are licensed and the extensions which are in controlled devices section can be seen in QM. For reference please find the link shared below:.

The Format of the file is. It says 'Unable to load Energy Data'. With Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization, i can not show recordings related to users assigned to a team created on Cisco Finess Administration. But, i can find recordings related to users assigned to a team created on UCCX. I have :. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Calls on Calabrio QM Hi, I have installed AQM I am not using MediaSense with QM Looking forward for the response that how we can fix the issue. Labels: Other Contact Center. I have this problem too. Hello,This is Durraze Again. As I cant see the recordings on the WebUI.

Looking forward for the kind response.Calabrioa leading provider of customer engagement and analytics software, announced that Calabrio ONE Cloud is now available directly through the Cisco SolutionsPlus partner ecosystem.

Cisco SolutionsPlus is a reselling program that places a select, strategic set of Cisco compatible products on the Cisco price list. Customers can easily order these third-party products directly from Cisco sales teams and channel partners.

The unified suite provides a single view of the customer, and improves the agent and customer experience through workforce management WFM and quality management QM capabilities. Calabrio ONE is deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution.

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cisco calabrio

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Attend C3 to: Develop new skills. Up-level your industry networking. Quickly connect with and learn from hundreds of other contact center professionals tasked with building, managing and optimizing modern, high-performing contact centers. Sharpen your analytics chops. Learn why customer-driven analytics is the one and only path to true customer experience intelligence.

Maximize your Calabrio investment. Get inspired. From lasting connections with peers and Calabrio pros, returning to work re-energized! I really enjoy each of the sessions and I learn something new in every single one of them. Thanks for taking the time to create multiple breakout sessions that helps our team improve in several different areas in our member contact center. I always return with several ideas that I want to implement right away after attending a few days at C3!

County of Fresno, Calif. Calabrio is the customer experience intelligence company that empowers organizations to enrich human interactions. Through AI-driven analytics, Calabrio uncovers customer behavior and sentiment, and derives compelling insights from the contact center. Organizations choose Calabrio for its ability to understand customer needs and the overall experience it provides, from implementation to ongoing support.

Tommy Palomaki will let you in on the latest innovations to empower and engage your employees. Discover how to increase transparency with self-scheduling to reduce attrition and improve service levels. Ranging from in-depth product knowledge to best practices in the workforce management space, these experts live and breathe WFM and invite you to come with questions!

Nate will show examples such as GIS integrations from a CRM such as Salesforce, importing text for analytics for evaluations, user synchronization and more. Join us for this fast-paced session in which four customers are given one minute to share a quick tip or a word of advice. These customers will keep going and share their fresh ideas and advice related to the contact centre, your career and beyond!

This session is product and role agnostic — so come one, come all! However, there are many myths surrounding adherence, and these can quickly derail your goals and customer experience. Adherence is a hot topic in most organisations, so this session is sure to drive lively discussion.

Shaunna is a real-time analyst for BookingGo with experience in resource planning and dialer management. She is currently working toward a degree in operational planning management. Being unable to analyse your data in one place is like putting together a puzzle with missing pieces.

This is the reality for many contact centres — thousands of data points scattered in disconnected systems. Join Richard McElroy, general manager of Calabrio Canada and Innovation Center, as he shows how Calabrio Advanced Reporting brings all of the pieces together and creates the full data picture.

Are you new to quality management and unsure where to begin? QM and Analytics Consultant Robin Butterfield will walk you through best practices for modern quality management, including how to create innovative forms, benefits of having your forms within Calabrio, how to select calls to evaluate while remaining objective, along with other advanced features such agent appeals, creative use of metadata and effective QA reports.

Rebecca is product manager at Teleopti, a Calabrio company, in Stockholm. In other words, Rebecca acts as a bridge between different internal functionalities regarding product changes and knowledge transfer.

Charlie will demonstrate how the complete Calabrio ONE toolset, which includes Call Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Analytics and Advanced Reporting, can help you deliver outstanding customer experiences and increase employee engagement. Charlie joined Calabrio inbringing 20 years of contact centre experience and extensive knowledge of workforce management, quality management and analytics.

He oversees pre-sales engagements to help customer contact organisations define their planning and quality strategies to deliver great service and customer experience. Tillsammans skapar vi marknadens enda globala, skalbara, molnbaserade programsvit.

Magnus truly understands what goes into building an agile, innovative software company: strategies and partnerships for business success, product roadmap and development, and the supportive service that customers deserve.

His product team at Calabrio is committed to lead the way in software that enables users, engages frontline employees and elevates the end-customer experience.Search for " cisco uccx support " and look for the Compatibility Guide. Have you gone through Calabrio?

Honestly no, as far as I know, Cisco has multiple solutions for CCX recording, contacted the TAC asking which product should I look for in the Cisco download center, they answered Calabrio team will help me out Received their documentation just right now, i'll see how it works and what's necessary to make it work Do you have an idea if i'll need to configure SPAN in the switch to redirect trafic? There are many decisions you need to make if you go the Calabrio route. Additionally Calabrio marries a few of their products meaning you can't get call recording just as call recording.

So it might not be as cost effective in that manner if you are just looking to record. Don't get me wrongI am big fan of Calabrio and very familiar with their products plus I find their support to be excellent. I just feel like your Account Team isn't doing their job if that is the answer they gave you for call recording. Thanks Andrew for your answers, I'm still a bit confused tho, so having a CCX recording license won't do anything? Buy or Renew.

Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Labels: Other Contact Center. Anthony Holloway. VIP Advisor.

I hope that helps. Andrew West. You might want to go back to your Cisco Team and ask for a better answer. Please guide us any solution if you have. First, Are you using calabrio patched version from cisco or Calabrio software?

cisco calabrio

Latest Contents. Created by kathyMill on AM. We are always looking for new topics to cover in our training to improve customer learning.

cisco calabrio

Here are some of the changes that you will surely want to explore. Created by ciscomoderator on PM. Created by dddcooke1 on PM. Depending on which side is active getting the below errors and can not connect to confi Unable to launch Personal Meeting Room from productivity too Created by Gerardo Diaz on AM.