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German schlager hits

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Anyone who looked at the German album charts in recent months was probably pretty surprised. Aside from the usual imports from the big pop-producing nations the US, UK, Swedenhomegrown s chlager records dominated the listings. Schlager, a strange genre of music, emerged after the second world war. It was an encapsulation of all things German and a backlash against American rock'n'roll.

Ever since its early days, schlager has used simple patterns of music just like Eurodance, Germany's other mega-genre while its lyrics are rarely political, often concerning romantic themes. Whole subgenres are dedicated to niche topics such as being on holiday, country living, life on the Autobahn, living with animals and living with animals on the Autobahn. Nearly half the albums in the charts are by schlager artists, among them the highly successful Helene Fischer and Andrea Berg.

The former has hooked up with TV presenter Florian Silbereisen to become the dream couple of new German schlager. She "loves sexy outfits" and, according to the tabloid Bild, looks like a "hot rock chick" dressed either in a leather suit, or a scantily clad butterfly. With 10 million sales under her belt, she is the most popular German artist of all time.

Her best-of album has been in the top for weeks. When the average German wants to switch off after a hard day at the office, they are more likely to play an Andrea Berg album than open a beer.

To understand the late chart success of schlager, you need to think less about whether German booze is getting worse, and more about the age of the record buyers.

Schlager fans know so little about technology that they think a torrent is an Afghan cave system. They don't just download schlager songs — they buy the CDs over the petrol station counter, too. Despite its commercial success, schlager suffers from a lack of credibility. Most radio and TV stations ignore the sales figures and plug their own, highly selective schlager-free charts.

Andreas Gabalier - Hulapalu

Media Control, a marketing research company that monitors German music, omits schlager entirely from its charts. As a result, the influence of "chart music" is on the wane, which is where, off the chart and away from the musical mainstream, comes a new wave of German punk bands. These bands represent the complete opposite of everything schlager. Top of the pile are Ja, Panic — five unbelievably skinny, camp and phlegmatic Austrians who live in Berlin, write manifestos, love champagne, divide YouTube commenters, avoid ever explaining themselves and have faces that only a mother or Malcolm McLaren could love.

Their last record, The Angst and the Money, is the best and most substantial work to come from the German music scene in a decade: "Ohne geld keine angst Ohne angst kein geld" No money, no fear No fear, no money.

To sum up: Andrea Berg is a sexy nurse who is loved for her music and you should really check out Ja, Panic also Robotaand Chuckamuck.

german schlager hits

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Eine Nacht. Blinding Lights. What's Luv. Toosie Slide. Du Bist Mein. Breaking Me.

german schlager hits

Dance Monkey. In Your Eyes. Allein Sein. Angels Sippen. Puste Sie Weg. Ich Wurd' Lugen. Don't Start Now. Some Say. Death Bed. The Box. Tranen Aus Kajal. Sony Pictures.

Ride It. Close Your Eyes. Bist Du Wach?Schlager is the German word for "Hit", initially it has the same meaning, a big success. Later "Schlager" became the term for a kind of easy listening pop music, trying to please most people as possible in German speaking countries and Benelux. In "Schlager" nearly all kinds of music styles are possible. Also in the other direction, where a Schlager became with English lyrics a pop song. Some Schlager songs are sentimental.

Some Schlager songs refers to German folk and German drinking songs. Some Schlager songs are arrangements of classical music. Schlager songs were very popular from the 's till the 's. In this time, songs in German language almost counts as Schlager. Germany's answer to "New Wave" lasts few years, but was door opener and encouraging much bands to sing in German. And today it's common, that Germany has much different music in German language that isn't seen as Schlager.

In East Germany it was different. There was the rule "When you want to sing on a record, you have to sing German", so in East Germany was a German pop music beside Schlager, long before West-Germany discovered this way. Arrangement and orchestration: Many things are possible, from a small band with drums, bass and two guitars to a big orchestra with brass and strings.

Most songs are sung, most of them by one main singer, some with two main singers, often some accompaniment by a choir and in few cases a choir as the main singers.

german schlager hits

In the 's they began to use electronic instruments and sequencers more and more frequently. In the 's, there were TV shows and sampler records containing both, German Schlager and English Pop music, this was possible and worked.

It was a show, where the vocal performance had to be live, accompanied by tapes with the orchestral backing from the original recording. Later they tried to open the show to other music from Germany in English language and also the use of full playback, so the vocal performance was prerecorded. Few years later, they turned back to semi playback and German language. But in the s Schlager wasn't so much popular anymore, so the show "hitparade" wasn't continued.

Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Schlager Music Description Schlager is the German word for "Hit", initially it has the same meaning, a big success. Much Schlagers of today are in the style of electronic Dance music "Disco Fox".

At least, Schlager was a collective term for different kinds of pop music with German lyrics. Caterina Valente 0 0 0.

Schlager Music Releases by Decade. Top Submitters of Schlager Music. Chiquitita ABBA 0 0 0.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

Learn German by Listening to Deutsche Schlager (German Hit Songs)

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Is Schlager Music The Most Embarrassing Thing Germany Has Ever Produced?

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Schlager Radio. SB TeamBerlin.

Germany's Schlager superstars still hitting the right note

You love hit? Then download the "Schlager Radio" app on your mobile phone.Selena Gomez - Rare Deluxe 1. The Strokes - The New Abnormal 1. Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 3 1. Stay Home 0. Mosh36 - Forever Young 0.

Boosie Badazz - Goat Talk 2 0. German Top Single Charts Zuna x Loredana - Du bist mein 2. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights 3. UFO - Allein sein 4. Kontra K - Puste sie weg 5. Topic - Breaking Me feat.

german schlager hits

A7S 8. Robin Schulz - In Your Eyes feat. Alida AK Ausserkontrolle x Shindy - Hood Tones and I - Dance Monkey Ava Max - Salt Apache - Roller Dua Lipa - Physical Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now Roddy Ricch - The Box Nea - Some Say Soolking - Hayati feat. Mero Loredana - Angst feat. Rymez Powfu - death bed feat. Farid Bang - quavo LEA - Treppenhaus Symba - Angels Sippen Dua Lipa - Break My Heart Miss Li Alicia Keys - Underdog Haftbefehl - RADW Regard - Ride It Lil Lano - Kein Grund Juju x Loredana - Kein Wort feat.Of the current top five albums on the German chartstwo are schlager records.

To put it into perspective, that would be like if the number three and four albums on the US Billboard Hot were Christian rock about cats. One: Schlager contains lyrics that are maximally chirpy, predictable, simplistic and very, very, very, very rhyming. Like if your Golden Retriever learned German and then wrote a song. The latter is probably why so many Germans rightly find it offensive. Schlager songs are usually, as the above demonstrates, about love as envisioned by an animate American Girl doll.

And on and on schlager plodded, like the treacly chords of its own hooks, through the disco era, and then sharing radio space with actual greats of the German New Wave in the eighties Nena 4Lyfe! I can make fun of my own mom as much as I want, but if someone else does it, I am legally obligated to kick their ass.

So, even though schlager is categorically awful, do I as a non-German have any right to diss it? In fact, I will totally understand if what I have coming to me for voicing this particular opinion is my very own Schlag to the face. And Now It's Dead. All In The Family. Now You Know. Culture and TV. Follow awl. Choire Sicha. Michael Macher. Dusty Matthews.We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration.

Germany's biggest Schlager festival came to Hamburg at the weekend. DW profiles this uniquely European music genre, which combines traditional folk, Johann Strauss waltzes and pop sensibilities with kitschy stage antics.

Since she emerged as a singer and variety TV star willing to revive a distinctly old-fashioned repertoire of uplifting Schlager ballads, Fischer has sold well over 10 million records in Germany alone. Songs like "Atemlos durch die Nacht" "Breathless Through the Night" have dominated the charts, and the Russian-born pop princess is no stranger to kitschy TV shows like Schlagercountdown.

His smash hits range from "Jenseits des Tales" "Beyond the Valley" to covers of controversial folk tunes such as "Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss" "Black-brown is the Hazelnut" that were sung by the Hitler Youth.

Today, Germans label the seemingly ageless singer "king of Mallorca" because he has for decades been a staple on the German party scene on the Spanish island. Drews actually started his career playing the banjo in a jazz band. He helped orchestrate a mega Schlager revival in the late s by producing Guildo Horn's hit album "Danke" in She won the Eurovision Song Contest in and came in third twice, in and - Katja Ebstein is regarded as the competition's German grande dame.

Ebstein's hit song "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" "There will always be miracles" is an integral part of the German Schlager repertoire. Ebstein also acts in plays, is involved in social projects and politically active. The Berlin-born singer and composer and songwriter for Boney M. The boy from working-class Wedding was a rebel who had issues with alcohol, but still released some songs before his death in Known for his blonde locks, casual hip swing and beaming smile, Marcus' release "A New Love is like a New Life" has become one of the best-known songs in Schlager history, a staple of any German record collection.

Schlager has had its fair share of miscreants and eccentrics who are not afraid to play with the genre's kitschy cliches. With his trademark high-energy hilarity including climbing all over the stage during his Eurovision appearanceand gaudy velvet green suit, this Schlager provocateur hit the charts in the s with songs like "I like Steffi Graf" and "Guildo loves you. A greatest hits album went five-times platinum, selling 2 million copies. More recently, the singer won the Echo Award for best Schlager singer in Schlager legends like Roland Kaiser have since added a Euro disco edge to their traditional song repertoire, with the singer-songwriter teaming up with Maite Kelly of Kelly Family fame in to sing "Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt" "Why Didn't You Say No"which currently has nearly 75 million views on YouTube.

The Russian-German singer made it onto Forbes' top 10 of highest-paid women in music. While all the other stars on the list are international household names, "Schlager Queen" Helene Fischer is a very German phenomenon. Love him or hate him, there's hardly a music lover in the country who hasn't got an opinion on Heino. Germany's most successful folk singer has sold more than 40 million records. He was born on December But his kitschy Schlager standards will long live on.

Through honey-voiced starlets like Helene Fischer, folksy Schlager standards continue to unite Germans in epic song. Here are 10 legends of Schlager whose uplifting melodies and schmaltzy lyrics will forever live on. He's hard to miss with his black sunglasses and cap-like blond hair: Heino is Germany's most famous folk music star and a cult figure, and at 80, he's still going strong.

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